Program : Selecting a Ph.D. Program

Selecting A Ph.D. Program

Selecting a mentor and a graduate program in which to train is an important decision. As part of the process of identifying a research mentor, all biomedical sciences PhD students are expected to complete at least three research rotations. MD/PhD students are granted open admission to the graduate school as Program in Biomedical Sciences (PIBS) students. This allows them to rotate with research mentors from any of the nine (9) listed Ph.D. degree granting programs in the Biomedical Sciences. Final mentor and program selection should be made after meeting with the graduate program directors and prospective mentors, and consulting with the MD/PhD Program Director. The research mentor must be a Graduate Faculty member in the training program the student selects. Students are encouraged to decide upon a graduate program as early as possible and should formally apply to a specific program no later than February 1 of the second year. Accepting a scholarship from one of the basic science graduate programs constitutes a firm commitment to pursue a PhD in that program.