Event Descriptions

Clinical Case Reviews

At this monthly meeting students present a clinical case and then review a high impact research paper that provides some new insight into the fundamental underpinnings of the disease or its pathology, which can ultimately impact treatment, diagnosis and outcomes. The case reviews cover a range of the major clinical disciplines and are moderated by an invited clinician with expertise in the case study area of focus.

Scientific & Professional Development Workshop

This monthly dinner meeting provides opportunities for MD-PhD student professional development. For some sessions students invite speakers, usually UMMSM physician-scientists, who discuss current research, combined degree training, their career path, and other areas of interest to MD-PhD students. In addition, the students organize panels of invited faculty on student-selected topics. Recent topics include “The Business of Academic Medicine”, “Transition Back to Medical School”, “Translating Benchwork to the Bedside” and “Preparing a Successful K08 Grant”.

In addition to regular SPD events, MD/PhD students have a number of opportunities each year for informal meetings with physician scientists visiting from other institutes. Recent visitors included Cornelius Boerkoel, MD., PhD, Associate Professor, Department of medical Genetics, U of British columbia; Barbara Hempstead, MD., PhD, Professor of Medicine, Cornell Medical School; Antonio Chiocco, MD., PhD, Professor of Neurosurgery, Ohio State University.

MD/PhD Journal Club

At this lunch meeting MD-PhD students in medical school years 1 & 2 read and discuss important scientific research papers, many of which impact or have major implications for clinical medicine.

MD/PhD Annual Research Symposium

The Research Symposium is annual event held in the spring of each year, planned and organized by MD/PhD students. A notable physician scientist from outside UM is invited to give a scientific lecture open to the entire UMMSM community. The guest speaker also holds an informal mentoring session with MD/PhD students to discuss his/her experiences as a physician scientist and making important career decisions. The event showcases research by the MD/PhD students through poster presentations and talks, and provides a unique forum for interaction among students, mentors and other faculty.