About Us

About Us

At a time when so much in medicine is changing, one trend is certain: the scientific content of medicine will only increase. Driven by the demand for improved treatments and the explosion of knowledge about the molecular and cellular basis of human disease, the need for scientifically trained physicians is growing.

The central tenet of the MD/PhD Program at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine is that the future intellectual leadership of medicine can best be provided by individuals rigorously trained in both biomedical research and clinical medicine.

The Miller School provides a unique training environment for exceptionally qualified individuals who want to pursue careers in academic medicine and research. The curriculum comprises the School’s outstanding preclinical and clinical training, rigorous PhD graduate training and several elements, including professional development workshops and other activities, specifically designed to enhance the MD/PhD training experience.

MD/PhD students are encouraged to explore different research groups before deciding on their PhD concentration. Students are able to select PhD research mentors affiliated with 9 PhD graduate training programs in the biomedical sciences, including traditional basic sciences and interdisciplinary graduate prgrams, as well as Public Health Sciences. Training faculty, include PhDs, MDs and MD/PhDs, many of whom are based in clinical departments, thus providing robust opportunities to carry out research relevant to human disease processes and translational medicine. Developing new treatments and cures for disease through biomedical research is a top priority for the Miller School of Medicine, with more than $250 million in research funding supporting over 2,000 research research projects.

The MD/PhD Program extends a warm welcome to you and encourages you to visit or call us at any time if you are seeking additional information about our Program.